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My name is Tim Hidde and I am the owner of Trophy Time Taxidermy & Antler Reproductions LLC since 1990, I am located in central Minnesota.

 I build custom molds of your antlers or horns starting with a tin or platinum silicone, then I apply a fiberglass jacket to retain the shape of the original antlers, and the reproductions from these molds when finished are of museum quality. Any seams or imperfections are repaired before any finish painting is done. I can replicate any antlers or horns that you might have.

Custom velvetizing is also available and can be done on the real antlers or the replicas.

Pricing for a custom replica starts with having a gross score. Pictures are also needed to look for any difficult areas like stickers or drop tines. You will have a molding price and a price for each hand painted replica. Depending on if you plan on keeping the molding rights or you give Trophy Time Taxidermy & Antler Reproductions LLC the molding rights, this will affect the overall pricing. If you want to make some of your molding costs back I can place your reproductions on my website for sale, and every time I would sell a copy you will get a royalty check for the amount we would have previously discussed.

My Replicas are within ounces of the real antlers and are meticulously hand painted to the same colors of the originals using oil based paints.

At Trophy Time Taxidermy & Antler Reproductions LLC you can always expect the highest quality, most realistic looking reproductions that you will find on the market today. If you wish to be updated throughout the molding process I am glad to send you email updates of your project.

If you’re looking for a molder that is honest, cares about his clients and their trophies and who does high quality workmanship, look no further, let Trophy Time Taxidermy & Antler Reproductions LLC mold your trophies.

Thank you for visiting my website, if you have not already started to browse any of my web pages please do so. If you have any questions or need shipping instructions please call or email me.

Also check out my taxidermy website at: trophytimetaxidermy.com
and my fish reproduction website at: fish-reproduction.com

Member and supporter of the following: NaDeFA | Rocky Mountain Sheep Society | Minnesota Deer Hunters Association


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